We Are Now Officially In Love With Rasheeda’s Mom

Rasheeda has said it herself: her mom is a straight G. After seeing how she took matters into her own hands last night on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, it’s clear that Ms. Shirleen Harvell is a boss chick just like her daughter. And when you take a look at her Instagram and Twitter accounts, you realize she’s just as awesome off-screen as she is on. Here’s a sampling of some of her funniest, most badass posts. Of course you’d expect Nicki Minaj to weigh in and she’s in love with Shirleen, too.

  • NickiTweet1

  • ShirleenTweet

  • ShirleenBenz

  • Shirleen1

  • LaidSlayed

  • Shirleen2

  • RunOver

  • RunOver2

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