Hit The Floor: Derek’s Declaration Of Love Gives Us Chills

The Roman Emperor has been clear about his desire to get to know Ahsha (in a biblical sense) over the past eight weeks of Hit The Floor via cheesy pick-up lines and big-time checks. Arrogant and selfish as his actions may be, now he’s slowly revealing that it’s not just a physical thing–he really loves this girl. And nothing says love like a grand, romantic gesture or a poetic declaration of love.

Last night, Derek made a play for Ahsha’s heart. Maybe it was because he feared more people in his life were slipping away–Terrence and the potential Indy trade–or maybe he simply got tired of keeping his feelings to himself. Either way, we got serious goosebumps. Imagine yourself in Ahsha’s position, and try not to melt.

That’s the problem; I can’t, and I won’t have any more regrets. I can’t stop thinking about you, and I want to. I want to bash my head up against the wall until you go away but you’re not. And the way you dance, the way you laugh, the way you tear my head of. I know, listen, I know. I know you got a guy and he’s probably great. But I can be great, too. The thing is I don’t know how, but you do. And I can help you be who you really are. If I’m a mistake, I’ll be the best mistake you’ll ever make. If I’m not, I will change your life.

Chills. CHILLS. But will this sales pitch send Ahsha into Derek’s arms for good? Should she finally forget German and give him a chance?

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