Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Promises More Shirtless Scenes To Come

Last night’s episode of Hit The Floor  featured one heartfelt speech, one window escape, and one cameo by The-Dream. There was a ton of new information to be processed, and lots of real talk about feelings.

But did you miss seeing the fabulous pectoral muscles of Derek Roman doing their thing? HTF creator James LaRosa has an answer for that. Read on for this week’s take on the episode that was.

Sweet baby Jesus what is happening on Hit The Floor?

Where do I start?

I’ll tell you where: WE’RE COMING BACK FOR A SECOND SEASON! Sorry, I’ve been screaming that since the announcement came out yesterday, I’ll get it together I promise. But I will say (sort of calmly) that the entire cast and crew could not be happier or more excited to get freaky on you for another season. Like, Rick James freaky. All. Over. You.

Okay, where were we? Oh right, the episode that began with Jelena holding a knife in her hand. After Ahsha dropped the 411 on her last week that Terrence was looking to be traded, Jelena went DEFCON 666. Jelena claimed it was because she was undermined by Ahsha in front of the other Devil Girls but Terrence knows her better than that–he knows she has monster trust issues and was freaking out over the possibility that a) Terrence might leave and b) what that could mean to their relationship. If he knows her so damn well, why he ain’t tell her in the first place? Hmm…

Terrence spent the better part of the episode trying to talk Jelena off the ledge, or at least get her to be honest about what was really bothering her. In the meantime he explained why he was angling to head to Indianapolis–Derek was wearing him down. Finally after a drink with Raquel (vodka rocks! These girls DRANK), Jelena admitted it to Terrence. Juuuust in time for Terrence to get the call that he failed his drug test… for a drug that aids recovery when you’re worn down. Uh-oh. He promptly denied taking it and asked her if she believes him.

Here’s why I love this story: Jelena is large and in charge in every area of her life–except with Terrence. Since they’re more equals, she’s more vulnerable. She already has trust issues. AND HE NEVER TELLS HER ANYTHING. What’s a HBIC to do? For those people dying to see Jelena get hers, all I’ll say is her Achilles heel is showing…

It was a better week for Ahsha. At least professionally. That is, once she finished getting chewed out for the punch at the premiere and warning Derek to STAY. THE HELL. AWAY FROM ME as a result. After THAT, she shined bright like a diamond twice, once on the floor where she busted an Instant Replay-worthy move during Willy Moon’s Yeah Yeah and the other when she got The-Dream to cast her in his next video (slap that floor gurl!). Personally she came as close to the brink as she’s ever been with German, having a knock down drag out fight over the wonk state of their relationship. Lots of awful things said that can’t be unsaid, lots of door slamming. And one lone Derek Roman pulling Ahsha aside to tell her to pick him. “If I’m a mistake, I’ll be the best mistake you ever make. If I’m not, I will change your life.” I’LL PICK YOU DEREK ROMAN! We left Ahsha and German holding on to each other for dear life, vowing to fight for their relationship. WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPPPPEEENNNNNNNN!!!

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, Ahsha entered the All-Star race against Jelena for the chance to represent the Devils at the All-Star Game. IT’S. ON.

Kyle and Oscar were reunited for the first time since Kyle gave him a little sumthin sumthin to get back into tryouts for the team. He needed someone to help make a drunken sexy mess out of a team owner poker game, so he could swoop in and snatch Terrence from Indiana. Dragging Raquel into it, the two ladies wound up pocketing some serious cash. Kyle was counting her dough when she got a call from Folsom State Prison. THAT SHE TOOK. WTH? I want to party with Kyle. Actually no I don’t, I feel like I’d wind up dead in a ditch somewhere. But with a smile on my face. And a tattoo on my ass.

Raquel’s babydaddy Jesse used Pete to dick with Raquel one more time, leading to a confrontation between the former lovers outside his work that is one of my favorite scenes of the season. Jesse’s so awful to her, but you could almost see a trace of what they had.

Raquel: I loved you.

Jesse: You left me.

Raquel: You cheated!

Jesse: You knew the rules!

The way Valery Ortiz and Bernard Curry played that scene I just ate up with a spoon.

Later, Jesse came around and admitted he still hurt over their break-up. He told her he could get over the hurt… if she had sex with him one last time. Raquel put it all together, realizing this was his plan the whole time. To blackmail her back into his bed. Does he love her? Or is he a sadist? My money’s on both. (And aren’t those the best kind, ladies? AM I RIGHT?) Raquel burned him, asking him if he thinks this will prove he’s a big man. Jesse’s reply is our…

LINE OF THE WEEK: “You should know better than anyone… I am a big man.” – Jesse Reade

Jesse then told her to sleep on it, which was equally filthy if you think about it-–and I’m demanding that you think about it because I put a lot of thought into that double entendre. THINK ABOUT IT.

Okay stop thinking about it, you’re grossing me out.

The Hump-Olympics continued with Sloane getting a taste of “The Life” in Pete’s hotel room. All was lovely until Jesse showed up to serve him a subpoena and drag him into his and Raquel’s custody case… which Sloane was super breezy about. She is so the dude in this relationship. While Pete was trying to figure Sloane out, Sloane had her own mystery, and it showed up on her own front door.


Mia came looking for Ahsha. What she found was Ahsha’s mother, who wouldn’t let her leave until telling her (AND US) her whole damn story. Fiiiiiinallllllyyyyy.

Was Mia an escort? Yes and no. She definitely broke in those hotel room California Kings, but not for money. For the team. To run opposing players ragged, to influence refs, to fix game after game after game. ll so Oscar could gamble on it, for god knows how much money. Everything was going swimmingly until something happened one night, something Mia couldn’t talk about to Sloane. Since then Oscar’s been on the hunt for her. What she knows could put him away for a long time, but without proof she’s got nothing. Sloane is quick to correct her, offering her help. And some words I love–she tells Mia that it’s easy to get lost in this world, making people do things they otherwise wouldn’t do: “But that does not make you a bad person.” Sloane is saying it to Mia but she’s also saying it to herself. Sloane hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of the guilt she feels over the things she’s done in the past. And we haven’t begun to reveal them.

The uniform Mia’s been chasing this whole time was found IN AHSHA’S CLOSET. With the sticker “Property of German” on it. Insert scissors, exit microphone, and Mia has suddenly gone from powerless to Oscar’s worst nightmare. When Sloane checks on her later, she’s gone. I’d drop that smile if I were you Oscar. It’s about to get real messy for you.


“#1. Why is @mckinleyfreeman so dam fine? Lets start there lol!!” —@ITiffanyNicole

I can’t answer that! So I asked McKinley to answer this himself.

“It’s all lighting, angles and make-up, that’s all it is. Smoke and mirrors. I think it’s everyone around me. I just blend in.” Note: McKinley was at the gym huffing and puffing on a machine when I called him. Like he always is. 24/7. I don’t know where he works out his face.

“What can fans look forward to in Season 2? And are there more shirtless scenes on the way?” –@MEB725

I have the horniest fans in TV! Yay! Second question first: YES, ok! Jeez. Shirtless scenes in every episode from here on. ARE YOU SATISFIED? (You will be.) Now for the first question, which I am very excited to answer:

Season 2 is going to be epic. WHY? I can’t tell you. I CAN tell you that from the beginning of this series, I’ve read a lot of tweets from people thinking Hit The Floor was a movie. I didn’t understand why but there you have it. Well, our final two episodes are coming up, and to me these HAVE always been part one and part two of a movie. They are HUGE. The cliffhangers are EVERYTHING. And they set up Season 2 so hard you’re gonna need a cigarette, a pregnancy test and a fire hose shower after.

And I wrote them both.

NEXT WEEK: The granddaddy of all Hit The Floor cliffhangers, and BESIDES THAT something you’ve never seen on TV. BOOM.

Till next time HTF-ers!


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[Photo Credit: James LaRosa]