La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 2 – High End And Edgy Collide

La La has already become an author this season on La La’s Full Court Life, but if that’s not enough, she’s also turning into a fashion designer. Seriously, this woman has more careers than ten people combined. She and her stylist, Jason Bolden, are kicking off their new line, 5th and Mercer, a “high end, edgy” brand, and if we’re going off the first thing they created, a jumpsuit for Gabrielle Union, we want all their clothes.

For Jason, the trouble with La La is that she’s so damn busy. (As we mentioned, she has about forty jobs.) So when it comes to the design process and the business aspect of their line, she is often late and usually distracted. “I’m beginning to think La really feels like I could do this by myself,” he says, seeing as her nose is buried in her phone during their shopping trips. “I don’t know if I’m that happy about it.”

Things get even more tense when they have a model casting call for the line and La La sends Dice to attend. (“Models? I’m there with bells on,” Dice says.) When La finally shows up, Jason is annoyed.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell something’s going on with Jason,” she says, noticing his jibs and jabs at her. “If we can’t get along then how the hell are we gonna run a business together?”
Things get heated and things get out of hand when Jason explains that he’s just as busy as La is. “I’m not just your stylist anymore, I’m your partner, and I don’t think you see that,” he tells her. “Thanks for explaining that, ’cause I’m an idiot,” she snaps, and walks out of the casting call, telling him “If you can do everything so great and wonderful, try to do it by yourself. I guarantee you won’t make it far.” LA LA ANTHONY! That is pretty rough.

After Jason has a heart to heart with his husband, who actually points out that all of La’s other ventures will only help 5th and Mercer, he realizes, okay, he can’t fault La for being busy. But still, he says, “I’m kiiiiiiinda pissed.” La La is also pissed, but she has a similar conversation with Po and Dice who explain to her that she dropped the ball at the casting call by being late and not calling, and her talents would we better suited as the face of the brand rather than in the design-y stuff.

At their first big buyer presentation, Jason tells La “I was kind of a dick.” “I wasn’t the nicest either,” she says. After their runway show, the buyer, Dierdre Maloney, tells them she loves the line and plans to place an order. “I love the line and can’t wait to see where you take it,” she says. Oh, they’re taking it all the way, baby. (And if you want to check it out yourself, it’s available at

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