Pic Of The Day: Raqi And Shay, Sweet As Pie

Every man and woman on Love And Hip Hop inspires opinions from fans. You love them, you hate them, you fluctuate back and forth depending on the season, it’s all part of the game. Two of the most love-or-hate-them ladies from New York and Atlanta, Raqi Thunda and Shay Johnson, met recently and despite both their reputations for going hard on their co-stars, they seemed to hit it off. In our Pic Of The Day, Raqi posted this shot to her Instagram, writing “Met @Shayjohnson briefly in NYC she was sweet as pie & Tiny in person ( w/curves ).” Raqi’s looking pretty great herself these days, too. What do you guys think of this new friendship?

[Photo: @raqithunda7]

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