Po Johnson Recaps La La’s Full Court Life: “It’s All About Forgiveness And Moving On”

Last night’s episode of La La’s Full Court Life saw La embark on a new adventure with her BFF, stylist Jason Bolden, and the challenges that come with launching a new business. Friends who shop and gossip together don’t always make the best business partners, and it appears La La Anthony’s busy schedule might distract her from working on her new clothing line, 5th & Mercer.

Po understands the way La works, as well as what it’s like to have to get real those who know you best. Read on for her thoughts on La La’s actions in Episode Two, as well as the fabulous outfit the 5th & Mercer team designed for Gabrielle Union.

I’ve always have those surreal moments when I realize s–t, I’m really busy. The hardest boss I’ve ever had is, in fact, myself, but then I take a step back and watch my friend La La take on what seems like the world. Observing her has forced me to graciously humble myself and take notes. One of the main things I’ve learned is to surround myself with people who can can inspire, teach, and contribute to growth–which is awesome, because a lot of times those people become your close friends.

Now I’ve never had to partner up with La La other than for Full Court Life, and honestly, I can’t imagine trying to do so. First, she’s a mom, then a wife, actress, TV personality, author, best friend to more than a few, professional advice giver, figure skater (joking about the last one), and now she’s proven her worth again with 5th & Mercer. The idea of 5th & Mercer (love that name) came so quickly, that I had my hesitations.

Jason Bolden, her stylist/friend & co-founder of 5th & Mercer also wears many titles as a stylist to many celebrity clients like Gabrielle Union–can we take a moment of silence for the FABULOUS terry cloth, white robe, and martini look? LOVE MS. UNION. The great thing about Jason and La La is the efficiency and talent between them, which is why 5th & Mercer is a proven hit. I died when I saw every look at the showing. But at what point does the friendship have to suffer?

Jason has his moments and so does La La. When each individual has been right at everything in their profession for so long when does the compromise happen? I’ll be the first to say this (drum roll): La La was dead wrong for walking out of that casting call. She left a lot on Jason’s plate, but maybe Jason should have been clear about what he expected from her as an equal partner–just saying. The brilliant part about the casting call was that Dice was there!!! At least she got to see all the hot models. Not too sure where I was, but I’m gonna have to speak to the show producers about that. Any future MODEL casting call and require my involvement.

Dice and I are always there to play the voice of reason whenever La needs it. It’s easier and sometimes more clear to get advice from the outside than inside. Hey, she’s always there for us; I hope that everyone has that friend or group of friends to play that role. I knew Jason and La would make up! Sometimes J needs attention and La can be a bit of a diva. We all have our quirky things that makes us tick. For example, I have a bad habit of not having my money ready at the Metro Card machines during peak hours–New Yorkers HATE that! But it’s all about forgiveness and moving on.

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