Hit The Floor: Was German Right To Break Up With Ahsha?

Three will enter, but only two will make it out whispering the lyrics of silly love songs and watching The Notebook on repeat. Hit The Floor’s love triangle came to a crashing halt tonight, when German finally put the signs together and accepted that his girlfriend Ahsha was drifting further and further away.

Whether it’s into the arms of Derek Roman is up to debate, but her fast-paced, glamorous lifestyle is not something he wanted to try and hold on to any longer–at least if he wants to maintain an ounce of self-respect. “You’re going faster and faster, and you’re trying to hold on to me–I know you are,” German explained. “But eventually, you’re gonna let go.” She cried, he cried, we all cried, but was it the correct decision? Was Ahsha going to break his heart at some point, what with her late-night pep talks to the Devils star and team bonding exercises? We hate to see German hurt this bad, but we respect his decision to want to leave the relationship with his head held high. Hopefully he has Kyle on speed dial.

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