Hit The Floor: Raquel Catches Jesse “Canoodling In The Carnal Variety”

On last night’s Hit The Floor, Sloane and Pete were not the only ones “canoodling in the carnal variety,” as creator James LaRosa likes to say. Rather than sleep with her slimy ex one last time just to ensure she and her son Miguel will be rid of him for good, Raquel enlists the help of Jelena to make the most clearly toxic character on the show go away AND embarrass him while doing so.

Jesse is usually the one demanding other people serve him, so his decision to jump into bed with a prospective client just to land a fat paycheck proves he really has no limits. Raquel, of course, enjoys catching her ex with his pants down, but the act of revenge was also symbolic of the former Devil Girl’s newfound empowerment, and her rekindled friendship with Jelena. “For her to do this for herself–and really get back at Jesse–it’s a 180 from this depressed person that she was,” Valery Ortiz tells VH1. Check out more of what Team HTF has to say in the video above.

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A picture’s worth a thousand words–and maybe a few big NBA contracts?

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