He Went To Jared! Stevie, Mimi, And Joseline Give Us The Dirt On The Life Partner Gang Proposal

Whoa. Stevie J has maybe the biggest cojones in the world, to invite both of the women in his life to the same place (after one of them professed her eternal love and actually proposed), to turn around and give both of them rings. Was it a double proposal, or just a promise that he would take care of them, or a way to cut an even deeper rift between Mimi and Joseline? We’ve got answers to all of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta questions. We spoke to Stevie, Joseline, and Mimi and they all gave us the lowdown dirty on the situation. The best part? Mimi showed us the ring box, and yes, HE WENT TO JARED.


As you can see from the clip above, Stevie sees nothing wrong with his actions, and feels justified in his gifts, explaining that “ladies love diamonds. And money. And bags. So I figured I’d go with the two life partner rings, the life partner bands. I hope they like ’em.”

Delusional? Totally ignorant to what already went down regarding the rings? Who knows! We expect nothing else from Stevie J. The ladies, however, have differing opinions on them rings.


This is what Mimi thinks of her ring.

“I’m going to pawn it and put it down for my daughter’s tuition for school. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. This ring can kiss my ass and so can he. He bought us the same f—ing ring!” Mimi told us when we brought up the subject of her “engagement” ring from Stevie. We joked that if she gets rid of her ring, she’ll jeopardize her standing in Stevie’s Life Partner Gang, and, despite all her laughter while the situation played out, she got feisty, asking “Who is a life partner? In his psychotic mind we’re life partners. Oh, and? He went to Jared. She went to Cartier, he went to Jared. It’s a joke.” So much of a joke that when we asked to take a photo of the ring and it accidentally fell out of the box, she snatched it up and put it on her toe to show us just what she thinks of it.

Mimi says she had no idea what Stevie was up to when she was invited to join him the day he gifted them. “I was dying laughing because she thought ’Oh, he’s proposing to me in front of her, he’s showing me he loves me,’ and then he turns around and gives me one too,” she says. And she doesn’t feel bad about laughing in Joseline’s face. “F— her. And f— her again. F— HER. That insensitive-ass bitch can suck a d—. I don’t like her, she’s a f—ing asshole, she means me no f—ing good, f— her.”

Sounds like Mimi is revoking her status in the Gang after all. Next, we wanted to know Joseline’s side, since she stormed off in an emotional rage. Are she and Stevie cool now? Is she angry at Mimi for laughing? Find out on the next page.


“He didn’t propose to both of us,” Joseline clarifies when we asked about Stevie presenting both women with rings. “He gave her a friendship ring. As far as him giving her a friendship ring, I don’t have any problem with that, I don’t think he should have did it on the same day that he gave me a ring on my wedding finger, but Stevie do things how he wanna do them, I’m not really tripping on it. He gave her a pinky ring and he gave me mine for my wedding finger, so it’s a big difference.” I believe when he gave her that friendship ring, he shouldn’t have done it on the same day that he gave me my ring, but after we went home and talked about it, it’s not even that serious.”

When I asked her if she was hurt by Mimi’s laughter at the situation, Joseline has a perfectly reasonable explanation. “I’m pretty sure Mimi was laughing to hold from crying. She can’t stand the fact that me and her baby daddy are together…I guess she was laughing because she couldn’t even believe he would give me a ring on my wedding finger and he gives her a friendship ring letting her know like, this is my girl. She already knows that, she knows I’m his girl.”

So what about the “Life Partner Gang” term he coined, that’s gotta hurt, doesn’t it? “I think that Stevie chooses his words however he wants to choose them, and I learned not to take Stevie so seriously because I’m always with him, we’re always together, so I don’t take too seriously what Stevie says anymore to his baby mother or to anybody else. I just learn to laugh at it and go with the flow, as long as he keeps getting me those deals and getting me those checks.”
[Photos: Jennine Cusimano for VH1]