Rasheeda Tells Kirk To “Man Up And Be Real” While Discussing Their Divorce In This Very VH1 Clip

"It's not a finalized situation, it's something that's strongly considered."

On this week’s Very VH1 live chat with Kirk, Rasheeda, and Rasheeda’s mother Shirleen, one fan asked what we’ve all been wondering: What’s up with the divorce?

In this clip, Kirk immediately defers to Rasheeda, and she explains “It’s not a finalized situation, it’s something that’s strongly considered but, you know, at the same time it’s not something I’m running to finalize.” She adds that they’re trying to figure out how to divide their assets, but Kirk interrupts to make sure everyone knows that he’s not an absent father to their son Kai or to their unborn baby. Rasheeda has the last word though when she tells Kirk to “Man up and be real about what’s going on. You can’t sit here and say one thing and do another.” Watch their exchange in the clip above, and check out the entire Very VH1 show by clicking the link below.