Xander Harris A.K.A. Nicholas Brendon Shows Off His Tattoos In This Sneak Peek Of Miss U Much

Confession: I just spent last weekend watching a Buffy The Vampire Slayer marathon because, oy the heat! Who could go outside in that? It only served to renew my love for the show and for the nerdy, quippy Xander Harris, the Y chromosome repping for the Scooby Gang. And now, in a twist of fate, he’s going to be on this week’s episode of VH1’s Miss U Much. My, how his biceps have grown since he was staking vamps with Buffy.

In the sneak peek above, host Catherine Reitman catches up with Nicholas Brendon, who has amassed an impressive arm of tattoos and muscles over the years. (And is it just us, or is he the perfect combination now of Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc?) Also appearing on Friday’s show, Darius McCrary of Family Matters, and Andrea Barber, better known as Kimmie Gibbler. Tune in Friday at 10PM ET/PT to see them all!

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