Rasheeda On Wendy Williams’ Accusations That She And Kirk Are Faking It

On our Very VH1 chat this week, one fan asked Kirk and Rasheeda what they think about the fact that Wendy Williams has accused them of playing up their marital drama for ratings. So what does Rasheeda think about her very vocal, very famous detractor?

“Shout out to Wendy, ’cause she hasn’t really talked about Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, so shout out to her for even talking about it. ’Preciate ya!” Rasheeda responded. But to answer the question, she followed by explaining that not every relationship is perfect, and theirs is one of them. “Wendy can say what she wanna say,” Rasheeda continued, “but she sitting there with her pork chop and her noodles watching Love And Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday nights at 8 o’clock, so I guess that’s all that really matter.”

There you go.

Want more? Watch the full interview with Kirk and Rasheeda here.

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