Kissing, Sharing A Bed, Or Having Sex: Rasheeda Explains The “Different Levels Of Cheating”

Kirk has maintained that, despite what it looked like, he never slept with Mary Jane on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Nevertheless, they kissed, turned the hot tub into a biohazard, and she couldn’t keep her hands off his bald head all night. Anyone watching would say that he was clearly cheating on Rasheeda in that moment, but what does Rasheeda consider it to be? In this clip from our Very VH1 chat which took place after Monday night’s show, Rasheeda explains the difference, in her opinion, between cheating and plain disrespect. “There’s different levels of cheating…Kissing another woman is disrespectful. Cheating, literally having sex with somebody else, is what I consider to be cheating,” she says. Watch the clip to find out how she feels about her man lying in bed with another woman, and listen to Kirk’s rebuttal. Below, catch up on all the best clips from their interview that you may have missed.

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