“Dumb As Hell”: Watch All The Best Clips From This Week’s Very VH1 Chat With Kirk And Rasheeda

Kirk claims he strayed from his marriage because he wanted more attention and respect from Rasheeda. When Rasheeda is asked what’s at the root of this and if Kirk really is disrespected and neglected at home, she breaks it down in this clip, the last one from our Very VH1 chat from Monday night.

“The problem damn sure ain’t him wantin’ respect and then going out and doin’ what he doin’ and thinking he’s gonna get it after that!” she says. “That’s dumb as hell.” In case you missed the chat you can watch all the best moments, like when Rasheeda tells Kirk to “man up,” Kirk reveals whether or not he’s going to be in the delivery room when their baby arrives, and what Rasheeda thinks of Wendy Williams’ criticism of them, below.

Rasheeda on Wendy Williams’ criticism that she and Kirk are just amping things up for ratings.

How does Rasheeda define cheating? In this clip, she discusses the different levels of it, and which ones apply to Kirk.

In which Rasheeda calls Mary Jane a “random-ass random ho.” L-O-L

Will Kirk be by Rasheeda’s side in the delivery room when their baby comes?

Find out the status of Kirk and Rasheeda’s divorce proceedings.