Miss U Much Host Catherine Reitman On Her Nostalgic Crushes And Most Insane Interviews

To anyone who was a child of the 1980s or 1990s, Catherine Reitman has a dream job. The comedian and actress hosts VH1’s Miss U Much, a nostalgia-packed show where she catches up with your favorite child stars, musicians and boy-crushes from back in the day. The show features interviews with actors like Saved By The Bell star Lark Voorhies, Coolio, and basically anyone you can think of from the TGIF lineup on ABC. “A lot of people were terrified that this was a sort of ’where are they now’ show,” she tells us. “Then they came on and they had a great time. I’m just looking to have fun, this isn’t a therapy session for them. It turned out to be us goofing around and as a whole, just celebrating what they’ve done.”

During a recent chat, Catherine gave us some serious behind-the-scenes gossip about which stars were awesome, who was a little crazy, and who she wants to be BFFs with in real life.

Who were you most excited to meet?

There were a bunch. I definitely watched 90210, that was the big thing at my school, everybody watched it, so when I got to meet Jamie Walters, the man responsible for throwing Donna Martin down a flight of stairs, that was a thrill. Not to mention, he — and really, all of the people I met — are not what you expect. They’re not the characters they played, they’re now moms and dads and have new jobs, Jamie Walters is a fireman now and he’s just this delightful, warm, grounded person. Of course that’s not the case with every star…

Right, it seemed that way with Lark Voorhies, who appeared on last week’s show.

I mean, crazytown, right?

She was in the news a while ago for her odd makeup and weird photos that surfaced. so to see her actually on camera only added to the weirdness.

Well here’s the thing with Lark, we shot our interview with her before those reports came out, so I actually had zero expectations about her. Actually, my expectation was that I was going to meet Lisa Turtle. So we show up and she walked in late, looking like…present-day Lark Voorhies, and everybody was like, she’s clearly going through something. She definitely wasn’t in the same hemisphere as I was. A lot has happened since she graduated from Bayside.

Were there any other super-weird interviews?

I thought the Coolio interview was weird. I was a big fan of Coolio growing up and I was excited to meet him. We played golf, which definitely is not my sport, and he was a character. You’ll see when it comes out, he starts doing voices and he was very entertaining.

You do an activity with everyone you interview, did you ever get to pick what you do?

I had some input. Like for instance, with Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World, all I wanted to do was play with her hair for an hour. We all grew up watching that incredible horse mane of hair and all I wanted to do was stick my nose in it, and VH1 disappointingly told me that was not an activity we could do. So she wanted to do trapeze work, so be it, we had a blast. She was so cool. But I got my fingers in that hair, I got in there.

Were there any guys that you had crushes on that you got to meet?

I had such a crush on Sasha Mitchell from Step By Step. Oh my God, he was smokin’ hot, girl. And he’s still, by the way, unbelievably handsome and manly. But after five minutes of talking to him, you’re like, oh, you’re a dad. You’re a father figure. I was like, I just want you to take care of me. The attraction changed.

Did anybody reveal anything that was like, oh, TMI, I didn’t think we would go there?

Uh, yes. Almost everybody, are you kidding me? Jeremy Jackson was a killer interview because he went there. All of these guys who went through rehab have done so much therapy and so much work on themselves that they’re totally open to talking about anything because they’ve done a lot of healing. You have to respect that. So Jeremy was talking about how he jerked off in Pam Anderson’s dressing room and how he yelled at David Hasselhoff, he really went there.

Did you interview anyone that you really connected with and wanted to genuinely be their friend afterward?

God, yes. Beverly Mitchell from Seventh Heaven, I was like, you can be a girlfriend in a second, you are cool. Mara Wilson from Mrs. Doubtfire. We had the most beautiful day in New York together. I didn’t know how our interview would go, and the producers decided I’d teach her to ride a bicycle because she didn’t know how, so we meet in Central Park and we had the most special afternoon and it was kind of emotional and beautiful and I left feeling really close to her. But who knows what she has to say about it!

Who’s on your season two wish-list?

Alanis Morissette, Boyz II Men, TLC, SWV. Luke Perry would be massive. Anyone from 90210 would make me crazy. Melissa Joan Hart, I know she’s still working like crazy but I would love to sit down and do a Clarissa talk. I’d be like, Where the hell is Ferguson??
[Photos: VH1]