The Best Moments Of La La’s Full Court Life Episode 3: Daddy Drama

This week on La La’s Full Court Life, it’s all about Po. Where she comes from, where she’s going.

The episode begins with Po hanging with Kiyan and explaining that she wants children on her own. Her own father was absent for most of her life and she wants someone in her life to whom she can give all her built-up unconditional love. “I got some things I gotta work out in my heart though,” she says, telling La that she has to make amends with her dad before she does anything.

Parenting in general is tough, and when you’re famous it comes with its own perils. La La heard from a casting agent that Kiyan is up for an international Gap ad, but she worries about over-exposing her son. At dinner with her friends, they joke about her becoming a show mom.

“Cheers to La La Jenner!” Charlamagne toasts. Ouch. Wonder how La’s bestie Kim Kardashian feels about that joke.

Po’s mom Sharon, who is almost identical in looks and voice to Po, comes around and Po brings up her dad. Her mom thinks it’s a great idea for Po to resolve issues with her dad. Po just believes her dad never liked her, which is the saddest thing we’ve ever heard.

Her dad, Marvin, comes to New York to see her and when he arrives, Po is a nervous wreck but she notices that “he doesn’t seem nervous at all.” They hug despite her not seeing him in decades and not even knowing him. “You’re still my little princess,” he tells her.

“It hurts me to the core to know that we’re strangers to each other,” she tells him. They talk about why they’re so strained and one occasion in particular, Po’s high school graduation, where he came, stayed for an hour, and left. They both have reasons for feeling hurt, but Marvin defends his actions by saying he had his reasons for stepping out and not being there for the whole thing. “Sometimes life and reality gets in the way,” he tells her as she’s breaking down. “And sometimes people just come up short.”

“I just can’t do this anymore,” Po tells him, not totally accepting his excuses. And she walks out.

When she comes back, he softens his approach to tell her “It’s my fault I failed you as a father.” He tells her that the only way he knows how to give this story a happy ending is by actually showing her he can be a good father.

“We both have a lot of work to do,” Po says, owning up to the fact that both of them have been absent from this relationship.

As for La, she lets Kiyan do the Gap audition because, she says, “I’m just a proud mom! Who knows what will happen? Maybe Kiyan’s gonna be a model now!” Remember last week how we said La La has like forty jobs? Well now Kiyan, who’s already the face of Jordan Kids, is in on that action. Like mother, like son.