Hit The Floor Episode 10: The Devils Shake Things Up

For all the new questions it left us with, the Hit The Floor season finale managed to clear up one thing: Mia is dead–but you knew that already (right?). I’m sad to see a young women with such light and promise go, but it makes the most sense for Mia to float on up to that basketball court in the sky, ridding herself of all the evil machinations turning inside the twisted minds of those around her, than any one else in this dysfunctional gang.

The Devils did their best to mourn her death, and appear like they were truly honoring her legacy before all interested members of the press. Oscar has a fancy new arena to break ground on in a matter of hours and Chase Vincent has an alleged rape case to keep under wraps. Yes, Olivia’s hubby had a major “misunderstanding” with formerly Missing Mia, which left her feeling deeply vulnerable, kicking off her downward spiral and life on the run. RIP Mia, you were dealt a crappy hand and got swallowed up in a very questionable organization which seems to only be concerned with the team’s bottom line, not the well being of its employees. But do you know who is going to ensure something like this NEVER happens again? Sloane Hayes.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new Devil Girl Director! Did you predict that Jelena’s conversation with Oscar and that manilla envelope would lead to Olivia’s ousting? This was just the latest tense conversation between these two, who’ve been at each other’s throats for the entire season (and apparently many years before that). Both are powerful women with the potential for evil–although Olivia’s is somewhat retired, her publicity stunt with Ahsha and history with Sloane suggests she knows how to Jelena somebody when necessary. Without a job in the Devils organization, how will she keep herself decked out in designer duds we can’t help but drool over? And will her husband’s somewhat shady dealings with Oscar cause the power couple’s status to come crashing down?  STAY TUNED.

But the episode was not only about Jelena embarking on a deranged mission to break the spirit of everyone in sight, she would be getting hers, too. Finally the assumed to be untouchable queen felt the repercussions of her selfish actions, as Terrence made (another) special visit to the Devil Girls’ locker room. He’s been doing some thinking since finding out his girl messed with his drug test, killing his potential trade to Indianapolis. Robert Christopher Riley himself explained to us that Terrence is drawn to Jelena’s ambition and talent, and points out that he’s rarely seen her diabolical side or felt its effects. Until now.

His break-up speech is too good not to quote in full:

Other players have girls they screw in every single city. You were it for me, you were it. I loved you. We could have had everything—I wanted you to be the mother of my kids, but you couldn’t trust it and you destroyed it. And even while I’m telling you this, I’m the one with the wet eyes. Have a good life, Jelena.

The best part of Terrence’s goodbye message to Jelena was that he faked her into thinking he was proposing. That caused about a two-minute breakdown where part-owner proved to us she can ugly cry with the best of them.

But then all she need was some lipstick and a hair adjustment before taking the stage. (If cut, does Jelena bleed? Is she a real person?!) Something tells me she’s going to be just fine after all this.

Speaking of fine, Derek Roman went from “taking back” his previous statement about wanting to have sex with Ahsha to… having sex with her on the hood of his car. And Ahsha went from being a borderline stalker ex-girlfriend sniffling her way through Fleetwood Mac covers to letting her dad’s employee go to town on her in a public place. They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else! I’ve been rooting for this to happen since the season premiere–it felt inevitable, no?–but my heart broke just a tad when German clarified that the girl he was seen drinking beers with was just someone from work. “Ahsha I would never hook up with someone the day after we broke up. I’m not that kind of person,” he said, reaffirming his puppy dog status and making Ahsha question the person she’s become once more.

After everything that Ahsha has been through, I would never have guessed she’d be running into the unprepared arms of Pete Davenport. Is there a way to prepare for fatherhood, or do you have to just jump right in? Maybe Ahsha needs an impartial opinion or pair of ears to listen to her debate whether or not her recent hood romp with Derek was the right move, but Pete is linked to almost everyone in her life. Yet as of now, he’s no longer sleeping with her mother. Since Sloane had made the decision to focus on her newfound career arc–helping The League bring Oscar “The Cancer” Kincaid down–and told Pete she didn’t want to turn their casual thing into a more serious Thing, the coach is now free to change his mind about bartenders who once kissed him in a storage closet. Yes, Raquel and Pete finally had a Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big-style first date (minus the pre-dinner sex). It’s great to see Raquel set free from the maniacal clutches of Jesse–a strong contender for Worst Father of the Year–but this might be a little too soon considering Pete was boning Sloane not too long ago. And how will this affect Raquel’s relationship with the new Devils employee, not to mention Ahsha?

So where do we go from here? Ahsha is poised to be the new face of the squad, which will likely cause Jelena to take one more step towards becoming a permanent resident of Crazy Town. Pete Davenport is closer to becoming a permanent (or at least, more present) fixture in Ahsha’s life, which could get weird if Sloane is hanging around Devils Arena on a daily basis. The latter will also give us more insight into the dirty dealings of Oscar and Chase, if gambling on professional sports, pimping out dancers, and allegedly raping them isn’t enough. And Kyle is married to Smith Jerrod? (I knew a Sex And The City reference would come in handy.) It’s been a wild ride, HTF-ers, but what did you think? Let us know your thoughts and theories on tonight’s finale as well as Season One in the comments below.

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