Hit The Floor Finale: Dean Cain On Pete And Raquel’s Decision To Take Things Slow

Derek and Ahsha’s long-awaited hookup on last night’s Hit The Floor finale may have been the splashier scene (car sex is hard to compete with), but Pete Davenport and Raquel’s romance has also been a long time coming. “Pete and Raquel are getting to know each other,” Dean Cain tells VH1 of their PG first date which was light on physical contact and heavy on the sweets. “They’re finding company with each other. It doesn’t have to be sexual–there’s a sexual element to it, but there’s a certain point in time when you’re adults when you can really enjoy each other’s company.” For more on how this will bode for Pete’s relationship with Sloane, as well as Ahsha, in Season Two, check out the video above.

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