What Made Momma Dee Storm Off The Set In Our Very VH1 Interview?

Momma Dee and Erica certainly have their issues, and when you poke and prod them too much about why they can’t get along, tempers are bound to flare up. In this clip from Monday night’s Very VH1 chat we held with Erica, Scrappy, and Momma Dee, watch what happens when Momma Dee gets annoyed. After talking about respect, and how Erica has none for Scrappy or her, she has had it. “I’ll fly away just like the birds up in the sky!” the queen mother of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta says and with that, she drops the mic (or her headphones, anyway) and peaces out.

Stay tuned to the VH1 Blog this week for even more exclusive clips from Monday night’s after show!

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