Who Wore It Best? The Women Of The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

During the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, the women showed off their class and style with some exquisite outfits. For one girl, one outfit was not enough. That’s right, K.Michelle sported two looks during the reunion special, one for the stage (which you’ll get a better look at during her performance next week) and one for the couch. But was either outfit superior over the other ladies’ dresses? It’s time for you to let us know by voting on the best dressed woman of the night.

  • IMG_6811

  • IMG_6813

  • IMG_6814

  • IMG_6816

  • IMG_6829

  • IMG_6834

  • IMG_6837

  • IMG_6839

  • IMG_6843

  • IMG_6844

  • IMG_6850

  • IMG_6873

  • IMG_6883

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the outfits, sound off below and vote for your favorite look of the night.

Style information graciously provided by The Teknique Agency.

[Photos: Jennine Cusimano for VH1]