Hollywood Exes: The Ongoing Drama Between Drea And Jessica

The ladies from Hollywood Exes are known for their strong sense of sisterhood. But that bond is repeatedly tested by the tension between Jessica Canseco and Andrea “Drea” Kelly. We mined the episodes that have aired this season for all the pressure points — and we’re giving them to you in gif form.


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  • drea_twitter500px

  • nicole_homes2e1

  • mayte_jessica

  • drea_mayte_baby

  • jessica_500px

  • jessica_gia

  • drea_why

  • drea_babystores2e4

  • drea_dinners2e4

When last left the exes, Drea had been overcome with emotion over the frequent flare-ups. How do you think things will escalate as the season progresses? Tell us below in the comments!

[Photo Credit: Piotr Sikora]