10 Reasons Why Stevie J Should Marry Joseline

After Stevie Js mind-boggling and reality-altering double proposal on last Monday’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season finale, all of us are left with huge questions marks over our heads. Questions like: “Who does that kind of sh**?” and “Who does he really wanna marry: Mimi or Joseline?” linger in our brains and keep us awake like a bad game of Candy Crush.

Well, now we know the answer to the first question is “Stevie J.” He’s the only man who does that kind of sh**. And as for who he really wants to marry, we have a great suggestion for the Lord of The Rings: Marry the Baddest B•tch in the A-T-L.

Here are 10 glorious reasons why:

  • Ka-Ching!

  • Rihanna’s Twin

  • The Hips

  • Muy Caliente!

  • video

  • This!

  • She Loves His Beefcake

  • Hustler Hottie

  • Mad Swag

  • She Loves Her Stebbie

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