Scrappy Denies Ever Getting Back With Shay In This Very VH1 Clip

When it comes to Erica, Scrappy says that their love worked because they “smashed together.” (Which is different from plain old smashing.) But he never smashed together as well with Shay. During this week’s Very VH1, when a fan asked why Scrappy would ever go back to Shay when he had a woman like Erica, Scrappy explained that you didn’t see everything that went down in that particular love triangle.

“When the cameras ain’t rolling, there’s other stuff that go on,” Scrappy explained. “And I never went back to Shay, you feel me? It wasn’t even like that, that’s just how it looked.” For more juicy info like this, check out the rest of the clips from our exclusive Very VH1 chat, below.

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