“Cross Your Fingers And Pray”: How Does The Cast Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Prepare For The Reunion?

When it comes to preparing for the utter chaos known as the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, most of the cast of the VH1 series just sit back and let nature take her course. “Honestly, there is no preparation for this s—,” Mimi explains. “Might I wanna smack a bitch? Yes.”

Funny, when we asked Joseline the same question, she said “If you nice to me, I’m nice to you. If you’re a bitch to me, I’m gonna be a bigger bitch to you. If you slap me, I’ma slap you back.” And we all know how their first meeting on the stage played out, so it looks like they’re true to their word.

Rookie reunion attendee Traci Steele has a plan though. “You cross your fingers and pray that everything is okay. That’s how you prepare. You pray.” Tune in to the show on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT to see if Traci’s prayers pay off.

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