Man Candy Month: Derek Roman’s Hard Work Does His Body Good

Imagine you’re stuck in an elevator inside a giant sports complex where more than a few employees dabble in shady business practices. Your air is limited and your cell service is utterly nonexistent, but you’re with Los Angels Devils star Derek Roman. Not so bad now, isn’t it?

Continuing our celebration of VH1’s most attractive men brings us to the Devils star looking to break away from his bad boy image–or not?

NAME: Derek Roman AKA The Roman Emperor (played by McKinley Freeman)


WHY WE LOVE HIM: Have you seen those muscles? Derek is a tough guy with a wild streak, but over the course of Season One we’ve come to realize his life isn’t just about parties in the suite and snuggling with twins… but a lot of times it absolutely is. Everyone loves a bad boy, and this one just might take you for a ride in his Ferrari.

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[Photo Credit: VH1]