Prepping For The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion: Who Is The Cast Excited To See?

Just like in sports, some reality shows have a regular season and a post-season, i.e. a series of reunions. When the cast of a series like Love And Hip Hop Atlanta gets together to film these reunion specials, chances are they haven’t seen one another since the regular season of filming ended, weeks or even months prior. So we wanted to know who were some of the cast most excited to be reunited with? The answers were occasionally surprising…

We had no idea that Drew considered Momma Dee his “other mother.” “Momma Dee for president!” is his opinion. Benzino says he’s excited to see everyone, while Mimi says the only person she’s interested in seeing is her bestie, Ariane. “Everyone else, I could give a s— about,” she says. Okay then! This is going to be fun! Watch the rest of the clip to see what the rest of the cast is feeling, and start getting signatures to put Momma Dee on the ballot in 2016!

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