The Best Of La La’s Full Court Life Episode 4: Candice For A Day

What would it take for Dice to become “Candice” for a day? The answer is $400 and the chance to see La La and Po dress like boys. Dice is a hard negotiator, but the end results are pretty impressive.

La and Po love Dice no matter how she dresses, but it’s always fun to see her glam herself up, like she did at La La’s wedding. So in this week’s episode of La La’s Full Court Life, when they ask what it would take to turn her into “Candice for a day.”

“Don’t get it confused, I will turn into Candice without no problem, she says. But the real reward will be to see her besties dressed as men with no makeup, no weaves, no nothing.

La La is fond of posting old school pics of her cousin on Instagram, it’s funny to see how often they used to actually dress up, and to her credit, Dice cleans up real nice. In fact, she’s downright stunning.

Yup, that’s her next to La, second from the left, in their prom pic.

La takes Dice to get waxed and then she brings in the full glam squad to make Dice over, and when she shows up for the reveal, they’re floored. Literally. Rolling on the floor.

“It kinds makes me feel weird,” Po says. “This is like, my friend, but now I’m looking at her like, ’Hey Candice. Whassup?'”

“Were you doubting me??” Dice asks. “Say my name! CANDICE.”

After these results, we’ll never doubt you, Candice!

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[Photos: Instagram]