Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Web Exclusive: K.Michelle Sings A Song For Mimi, “The Fool”

At the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion last night, there was some unspoken tension between K.Michelle and Mimi, despite the fact that we thought they were cool. Well, this video might have something to do with their new rift. In this special web-only series of clips, K.Michelle came up with songs for several of her co-stars before the reunion, and they got to hear her perform them. Some, like this love letter to the Puerto Rican princess Joseline, are funny. Others, like the one K made for Mimi, are downright harsh. With lyric like “Mimi’s always blaming me for the s— she goes through,” and “Mimi you look like such a fool,” it’s no wonder Mimi’s response to the song is what it is. You’ll have to watch to see her reaction.

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