Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Web Exclusive: K.Michelle Writes A Diss Song For Karlie

Karlie Redd wrote a diss track for K.Michelle, but lucky for her, K was feeling charitable and was willing to forgive. She did not forget, however. In this web-only clip filmed at the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, K.Michelle returned the favor and made up a diss track of her own. Yes, it includes a lyric about her supposedly deflated butt.

“Hey, Karlie, you know you ain’t s—, one ass cheek’s deflated, how the hell you gon’ sit?” might just be one of the funniest lines of a song in 2013 (something had to beat “What rhymes with hug me?” — sorry Robin Thicke!).But maybe the most scathing line of all comes at the end of the song when K sings “Hey, Karlie. You have no reason/ to be on next season.” Ouch. It’s pretty hilarious, but does Karlie think it’s as amusing as we do? Watch the clip to see what she says.

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