The Best Moments From the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion: Part 1

Anything can happen on a Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show, and tonight’s special went from zero to sixty in about ten seconds flat. From Joseline and Mimi’s screaming match which could have ended with a Louboutin lodged in Mimi’s new boobs had security not intervened, to Scrappy’s admission of love for Erica, there were so many emotions on display. What were the best moments of the night? Let’s discuss.

The Karter

It was a jam-packed first segment on the reunion special, but first things first before we get into the drama and shoe-attacks. Rasheeda, who was over seven months pregnant at the taping of the show, was generous enough to reveal to the world the name she and Kirk chose for their son: Karter Frost. You heard it here first.

Mimi And Joseline’s Showdown

Not thirty seconds later, after Mona congratulated Mimi on her boob job, the night’s first chaotic moment occurred. Joseline and Mimi will never be friends, that much is clear, but their dislike for one another actually derailed the taping for a good twenty minutes while these two spewed hate at each other and Joseline even lunged at Mimi with a heel. “You just mad because I took your baby’s daddy,” Joseline told Mimi after the conversation veered far away from Mimi’s “girls.” “Ain’t nobody fighting over you, don’t get it twisted!” Mimi tells Stevie when he stands up to accept some kind of applause or attention for being in the middle of this mess.

Not So Kumbaya After All

K.Michelle had her share of fights this season, including one with Mimi. We thought they worked it out, but apparently not. When asked where they stand now, Mimi simply said “Ask her.” (When we spoke to Mimi at the reunion her answer was a little more to-the-point: “K.Michelle’s not my friend.”) K’s response to that was “Oh, I’m fine. I like your orange dress.” Tension was thick in there, that’s for sure. As for where she stands with all the other ladies, check out the clip above.

“Jump, bitch!”

It’s amazing that there’s still a beef between Shay and Erica, considering neither of them is still with Scrappy, but these two women are at odds for all eternity, it seems. Traci explained why she tried to have them talk things out, but there’s still no love lost between them “I wasn’t nobody’s side anything. He lied to the both of us….For whatever reason, she’s more mad at me than she is at her baby daddy,” Shay explained. “This is season two, right?” Erica asked, echoing our own thoughts about why this saga is still going on. “I can pop off, ’cause I will jump off!” Erica threatened Shay, who taunted Erica for not being able to close the marriage deal with Scrappy. “Jump then, bitch!” Shay tells her.

The Life Partner Gang Speaks

When Mimi, Joseline, and Stevie were given the chance to speak about their Life Partner Gang situation, it was Mimi who asked the questions. “Joseline proposed to you, I’ve heard you say on this show that you love her, correct? So then why in the world did you think it was god or a smart idea to give me a ring?”

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m gonna be here for you, regardless. I take care of you,” he explained. He went on to call himself “The Bank of the A-T-L.” “As long as I give you h—d or f— you, you’re the bank of the A-T-L,” Mimi said. The fact that Stevie still asks Mimi for “lettuce” didn’t seem to faze Joseline, which was a little surprising though. “I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one. I’m trying to change him though,” Joseline said. “He’s a great guy and he’s never had a woman like me that put it down like they’re supposed to,” she continued (to that, Mimi just shook her head).

When Mona asked if Mimi could have a relationship with Joseline if (or WHEN) Stevie and Joseline get married, Mimi explained that she has no problem with Joseline, Joseline is the one with the problem. “I don’t want Stevie. You got him hands down, girlfriend.”

“If you’re with her, be with her and stop disrespecting her,” Mimi responded when asked about getting a ring of her own. “Be a better man to her than you have been to anyone else. Stop disrespecting her.”

But Are They Engaged?

This might be old news by now, since we now know they got married, but getting Stevie to admit he and Joseline were engaged was like pulling teeth. Mona and Mimi tried to get him to say yes or no, but this a man who knows how to evade a question. Among the responses he gave when asked: “I’m rocking my ring!,” “We got what we got, we good over here,” and “Stay tuned for Love And Hip Hop Atlanta!”

“I wanna hate him but I just can’t,” Erica said of Scrappy when discussing why she didn’t end up pawning her engagement ring. She returned the ring as a “peace offering” and then, through tears, said that they were working on being friends and co-parents above all else. When Scrappy was asked if they could ever get back together, he smiled and just said “Man, I love that girl. I love that girl.”

“It’s not gonna happen overnight,” Erica added. That still leaves the door open though!

Kirk And Rasheeda

We thought we’d hear them speak on the issue of their marriage this week but it was all a fake-out. So now’s the time to make a prediction of what’s going to happen when they finally have it out. Will Rasheeda take Kirk back? Will Mary Jane show up to start something? Will there be a grand gesture in the style of last season’s big proposal? It’s anybody’s guess, so you’ll have to tune in next Monday for part two.

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