Po Johnson Recaps La La’s Full Court Life Episode Four: “I’m A Rock Star”

On last night’s episode of La La’s Full Court Life we saw what it takes for Dice to become Candice for a day, and how much joy she gets from seeing her more high-maintenance pals, La and Po, temporarily put their normal beauty regimens on hiatus.

As always, La La Anthony’s BFF Po gives us an inside take on what these friends get themselves into. Read on for her thoughts on Dice’s waxing experience and what it means to fall while performing (hint: it’s a good thing!).

There are a few things in my life that I thought I’d never see: a ban on fountain drinks and their size, my brother getting married to a real human woman and not a blow-up doll, a black president, and Dice getting waxed! That list may seem more possible than impossible, BUT there might be a chance in this lifetime for all really cool closet freaks/air guitarists to land the girl of their dreams. (One day, Rihanna you will be mine!!)

La and I are guilty when it comes to ruffling Dice’s feathers. She’s just so even keel. I can tell Dice I’m going to jump off of Mount Kilimanjaro with a fire-breathing dragon strapped to my back and she wouldn’t blink twice, but would definitely tell me that she didn’t think that it was a good idea. I’ve never met anyone like her, which is why I think I gravitate toward her so intensely. Nothing surprises her, which is why I call her “Classic Dice.” In order for her to step up to the plate and call herself Dice it has to be worth her while. We always have to put our money where our mouths are. Candice definitely did that. My bitch can pull whatever she wants–she’s got the best of both worlds.

Although we joke around a lot and take very few things seriously, my family, friends, music, and independence, are things I take very seriously. It’s hard to look outside your situation sometimes, but La and Dice are two people that are good at making you do so. My music is my life right now, so, yeah, I’m guilty of not paying attention to my apartment (…you know, tables and chairs, sofa, a bed). Everything else doesn’t matter to me, and to be quite frank, it doesn’t matter now. On the other hand, I’m sitting on the very couch my dear friend purchased as I type this blog. Sometimes the view is clearer from the outside looking in and I’m beginning to accept that. The couch and studio bill were an absolute surprise–I had no idea how she got in touch with the studio but I’m more than happy she did! Too bad I can’t pay her back in sex. The great thing about friends is they think they know you better than you know yourself. The best part is trying to prove each other wrong. And it all comes from love.

The party at Free Candy turned out to be awesome! While trying to spend very little time on this… every great rock star falls off the stage. Prince, Steven Tyler, Beyoncé, Miguel (well he kinda karate chopped off the stage), and now Po Johnson. It’s official: I fell! I’m a rock star, hell yes!

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