Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Reveals Plans For Season Two

Was your Monday night lacking in devilish behavior and jaw-dropping truthbombs now that Hit The Floor’s first season has wrapped? Ours too–although Love And Hip Hop Atlanta and T.I. and Game’s adorable children help. Lucky for us, creator James LaRosa is giving a few hints about what’s to expect in Season Two.

As if the previous 10 episodes were anything but “cray”! Sloane and Jelena working together on the Devil Girls squad, with Ahsha, the budding superstar whom they have very different opinions about, is bound to be explosive. We’re certain Care Bear’s mommy is not who Jelena had in mind to replace Olivia–she just may have created a lot more trouble for herself than she previously had–but we can’t wait to see it all go down. Jelena’s side eye gives us life.

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[Photo Credit: @jameslarosa]