The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Is Just As Curious About Kirk And Rasheeda’s Status As We Are

"The female world is not feeling Kirk right now."

Part one of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion ended with a total tease. We thought we’d get to see Kirk and Rasheeda talk through some of their issues, but we were tricked (tricked, I say!) and their time to talk won’t happen until next week. It’s not just the fans who are curious where they stand though. Their co-stars don’t even know what’s going on with them, and when we spoke to some of them before the reunion, they were dying of curiosity just like we were. In these exclusive interviews from backstage at the reunion, Benzino, Stevie, Mimi, and the rest of the cast weigh in on what they think will happen when Kirk and Rasheeda sit face to face on the reunion couch. Who wants to punch Kirk, and who wants them to work it out? Find out now!