Very VH1: Stevie J Sets The Record Straight On His Marriage To Joseline…Sort Of

On Very VH1 this week, Stevie J was making one of his first public appearances since the news of his marriage to Joseline broke. And when host Sharon Carpenter pressed the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star to confirm whether the two of them were actually married, he still evaded the question.

“I was told by my attorneys not to really answer that question,” he said with his typical Stevie smile.

“Sharon, if they were married, there would be a legal document because it’s public record,” Mimi chimed in, obviously a non-believer of the hype. Later, she confirmed what we already know to be true about Stevie: “He will never answer a question straight up. Never.” So…now that you’ve seen Stevie’s non-answer, do you really think these two are married, or are they just messing with us? We honestly have no idea.

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