Benzino Is Just A Boy Standing In Front Of A Girl, Asking Her To Love Him

We’ve seen time and again how members of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta community flock to wise Benzino when they need advice. But what happens when Zino Grigio needs someone to talk to? Who’s going to keep him warm at night?
Despite the shennanigans that went down at the lake house this season, Benzino told us he’s really looking for love. And because we’ve been rooting for him ever since his break-up with Stevie J in the parking garage, we took it upon ourselves to put his message out there for all interested parties to see. Ladies, Zino believes he’s at an age and period in his life where he understands “what is really needed to make a relationship grow,” and is ready to settle down, order a pizza, and dive deep into your Netflix queue with you… and only you. Do you believe it?

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