Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Drew Loves (The Term) “Popcorn Hoes”

As we’ve seen on Love And Hip Hop AtlantaDJ Babey Drew and Traci’s relationship is very complex, with their personal desires taking a backseat to the well being of their son. While Drew was frequently seen giving Traci and her new boyfriend a hard time this season, he often failed to acknowledge all the ladies he’s entertained over the years who didn’t manage to stick around for a second date (and the fact that Traci remembers everything).

Because we believe in giving everyone a fair chance to defend themselves, we spoke to the man with a knack for acronyms to get his take on the kind of women Traci loves to call him out for associating with: popcorn hoes. Allow Drew to open up your mind and expand your vocabulary, by watching the video above.

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