Mimi Gives An Up Close Look At Her “Girls” On Very VH1

Did you not get a good enough look at Mimi Faust’s boob job in our before and after gallery? Because if you didn’t, Mimi gave everyone watching Monday night’s Very VH1 a very close look at it.

In our live Love And Hip Hop Atlanta after show, Mimi was asked about the comments Joseline made about her boob job which kicked off part one of the reunion and ended in a huge fight between the two. Joseline accused Mimi of getting her breasts done so she could be more like her, and Mimi was not particularly happy with that assessment. “Mona asked Joseline how she felt about my breasts, and I don’t know how Mona thought that was gonna go over well,” Mimi told host Sharon Carpenter during the chat. “That’s why everything went awry.” After Mimi explained that, Stevie made one request of her. “Can the people see?” And see we did. Have a look for yourself and be sure to check out the rest of the highlights from Monday’s chat for more juicy info.

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Mimi’s Boob Job: Before And After