Very VH1: Stevie J And Mimi Talk About His Double Proposal

Why on earth did Stevie J give rings to both Joseline and Mimi? We’ve asked this question (both in our mind and to the cast themselves) so many times, and there still never seems to be a good answer. When Stevie was on this week’s Very VH1 on Monday night, he was asked once and for all for a good reason, and he tried to explain himself as best he could.

“I wasn’t going to get her something and not get you something,” Stevie told Mimi. “After you had my child and we was rocking together like we was rocking together. I wanted to be fair.”

“How is that being fair to me?” Mimi asks. “You getting the bitch that you left me for on national television a ring, and me. And you think that’s fair to me?” Watch the rest of the clip to see how Stevie explains himself, and check out the rest of our Very VH1 highlights below.

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