The Scoop – 9 Things You Never Knew About Tiffney Cambridge

They say behind every good man there is a good woman and when it comes to the case of Tiffney Cambridge that is definitely true. She and Game have had their share of ups and downs (most notably her returning the engagement ring) over the course of their nine year relationship. At present, they are not together but working on it, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for one of our favorite couples.

Her relationship with Game aside, she is a wonderful mother to King and Cali, and unlike many women who date the rich and famous, Tiffney holds a Masters degree from USC and holds a steady job teaching 5th grade. We can’t get enough of Tiffney so we gave her The Scoop treatment. From her celebrity crush to her favorite designer brand, find out the nine things you never knew about Tiffney!

Watch some of our favorite Tiffney moments from Marrying The Game!

Tiffney tells her sister her type is “refined thug.”

Tiffney talks to her friend Daphne about co-parenting with her ex.

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