Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Sneak Peek: What’s So Funny, Kirk?

Part one of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion ended with a cliffhanger. We thought we’d see Kirk and Rasheeda, who happen to be the only couple with the ability to overshadow Stevie and Joseline, finally have it out. Alas, we were told to wait till part two.

In the sneak peek from part two, once again, Kirk justifies his actions and explains that he felt like he was given a pass, but up to this point, Rasheeda hasn’t spoken on how she felt to watch her husband get groped and kissed by other women. “I felt disgusted, disrespected, ready to kill his ass,” she says. Find out what else Rasheeda has to say on the subject by watching the clip and tuning in to the show on Monday at 8PM ET/PT.

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