First Look At Basketball Wives Season Five: Grow Up Or Shut Up

“I feel like the s— is going to hit the fan at some point,” says Evelyn Lozada in this first look at Basketball Wives season five. Truth. On Basketball Wives, the s— always hits the fan sooner or later.

The drama unfolds in this preview of things to come, but what’s surprising is who gets mad at who. Rookie cast member Tasha Marbury finds herself in the middle of some serious Suzie drama, as well as saying a few things that piss off her old friend Evelyn right out of the gate. More surprising is the conflict between Tami and Shaunie who have always been the core of the “inner circle.” What makes Tami threaten to smack Shaunie? Why is Shaunie telling Tami to “grow up and shut up”? Tune in to the season five premiere Monday, August 19 at 8PM ET/PT to find out.