Newsflash: Denzel Washington Calls Joseline To Give Her Acting Advice

Is Denzel trying to do the Stevie J. face?

By now, you’ve heard Stevie J talk in circles about his ring ceremony, his yes/no/maybe marriage to Joseline, and everything in between. So when we caught up with Stevie at the reunion, we wanted to just talk to the guy about life in general. His friends. Typical stuff. But Stevie is anything but typical.

We wanted to know if any of his celebrity friends admitted to watching Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, and he ran through a laundry list of stars who love it. “Yes. Snoop. Diddy. Judge Mathis. Denzel Washington,” he told us. Denzel? Really? We asked him if Denzel ever tweets him, and Stevie told us no, Denzel is more the type to pick up the phone.

“He calls to talk about it,” Stevie explained. “One time I asked him to call Joseline just to shake her up a little bit. She couldn’t believe it. They talked for an hour and a half. She wants to be in movies so they talked about the movie business and how long he’s been in the game. He gave her some pointers and tips.” Denzel Washington has given Joseline acting tips. Apologies for not having a follow-up question, our mouth was hanging open too far to get words out.

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[Photo: Getty Images]