The Best Moments Of La La’s Full Court Life Episode 5: Do The Right Thing

La La has been in the middle of a conflict between Carmelo and various players for the Boston Celtics for months now. Just when she thought the whole “Honey Nut Cheerios” thing blew over, it came back again, when Jordan Crawford made some particularly nasty comments about La La’s fidelity yet again, and that was La’s breaking point.

In this week’s best moments from La La’s Full Court Life, La La made some snide remarks of her own on Twitter to her accusers, but she’s still got some pent-up anger. Unfortunately this goes against La’s nice-gal public image and her publicists are not thrilled with the way she handles it.

As a diversion from all the personal issues, she decides to take Po and Dice to New Jersey to build a Habitat for Humanity house to do some good in the world.

The problem is that they’re on a digital detox — no phones, no computers, no nothing — so getting to New Jersey, sans Google maps or GPS, is a comedy of errors. Still, to do something nice for someone less privileged makes La realize that her publicity issues are nothing in the grand scheme of things And if there’s one thing she doesn’t do, it’s sweat the small stuff.