The Best Moments From The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, Part II

So this is how it went down on tonight’s Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion. Cloudy with a chance of rain.
Excuses, Excuses
One of the reasons we love these reunions is because they’re hosted by Mona Scott-Young, who doesn’t pull any punches. When it came to Kirk, she hammered him with questions like “Did you really think, as a grown man, that pulling out was an acceptable form of birth control?” (for the record, his answer was YES) and “What kind of a husband tells his wife to have an abortion?”

Then, while Kirk and Rasheeda watched the footage of Kirk’s “mistake at the lake,” Rasheeda seemed on the verge of tears and Kirk laughed at himself. The man laughed while watching himself hookup with two women, while sitting next to his wife. He then reiterated the point that he’s been making all along, that he had a pass to cheat. Rasheeda says she felt disgusted and disrespected while she watched the scene play out. “It’s like, damn, you can’t put s— past nobody,” she said.

Benzino got his chance to speak up too, since he was the the one who “led the horse to water” (the water being the hot tub), and he explained that “When we went up there to the cabin, I didn’t know there was gonna be a bunch of females in there.” (“A bunch of hoes!” Traci interjected. “Popcorn ho, ratchet, dirty bitches!” Tell us how you really feel.)

And while Zino then accepted responsibility, Rasheeda came to his defense to say “On a realistic note, it’s really not his fault. It’s Kirk’s fault.”

Mona summed up the story like so “So you’re saying you needed your wife and she wasn’t there for you, so then you went out and got with the next one. Classic story.”

If The Tables Were Turned

The Frosts got plenty of time to hash out their issues during this portion of the reunion, and one of our favorite parts was Rasheeda asking Kirk how he’s react to her if their situation was reversed. “How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot? Let’s just play the game and reverse it and see how you would feel.”

“I mean, we probably wouldn’t be together,” he told her. “Of course we wouldn’t.” Points…for…honesty? We guess? We want to give Kirk the benefit of the doubt here but he never ever says the right thing now, does he? Makes you just wanna shake your damn head.

A Happy Kinda Bitch

Mimi’s anger has been hard to hide all season, from her issues with Stevie and Joseline, to her friend breakup with K. Michelle, and we got to see a hilarious montage of her best in-your-face moments. “When you got a real reason to be angry, you angry. But other than that, I’m a real happy kinda bitch!” she told Mona after watching her scenes.

Mimi’s not someone we would want to anger because it would mean she’d probably get up in our face…but seriously, Mimi, what’s up with getting in everyone’s face?

“I want you to understand what the f— I’m saying!” she explained.

“A Real Rolie Don’t Tick Tock” a.k.a. The Return Of Nikko

Stevie gave a long, slow clap after watching the scenes of Mimi kicking Nikko to the curb, he was so not a fan of the new man in her life. Especially not after Nikko gifted Mimi a fake Rolex. (But wait, does Stevie get to make fun of jewelry when he went to Jared for his engagement rings?)

Mona surprised cast and audience alike when she brought Nikko out to give him a chance to speak out, and he arrived to a chorus of boos and K.Michelle peaced out and left the stage.

Good thing, too, because they needed to clear some of the stage anyway for all the security that arrived once it looked like Stevie and Nikko might have it out with each other.

Mimi admitted that she and Nikko are still dating, which was a huge surprise to everyone, including Stevie.

Immediately, the two men got into a pissing contest that actually involved both of them pulling their giant wads (of cash) from their pants to try and prove whose was bigger. I mean. Nikko pulled out his “Thursday pocket” of money, while Stevie actually threw his money up and made it rain. “These are ones, right here,” Nikko said, pointing to Stevie’s cash that littered the stage.

The Battle of the Moms

When Scrappy, Erica, and their mothers took the stage, the last time they had all seen each other it was bad news. If you recall, it ended with people lunging at one another, Erica falling over and threatening to call the police, and Momma Dee telling Mingnon to “smoke a straight-shooter,” which is a harsh thing to scream at someone with an admitted drug problem.

As the moms gave their opinions on their children’s relationship, Momma Dee explained that she never accepted Erica and the engagement because “I don’t have to accept anything I don’t like.” Mingnon took offense to Momma Dee’s attitude, saying “If you call yourself a queen, act like a queen…You act like trash.”

The Battle of the Fiances
Erica says that one of the reasons her engagement to Scrappy was doomed was because she always believed he was cheating. First with one of his exes, then with “one of his homeboy’s baby moms,” she said. “Oh, if we’re gonna do it like that,” Scrappy retaliated, “Erica’s not a perfect person. Scrappy never airs out Erica’s dysfunctional situations. What about the husband she was doing? And you was pregnant by this s—? Come on, cuz.” So. That’s where that rumor came from, if you heard it leak, but Erica denied the entire thing, and even Momma Dee seemed shocked that Scrappy was saying this stuff.

Things were still tense when Shay joined the party onstage to talk about her fight with Erica, and despite the fact that neither of them are with Scrappy now, they still hate each other. They traded insults back and forth, with Shay telling Erica to “fox your saggy-ass t*tties” and Erica calling Shay “the family pet.”

K.Michelle — Onward and Upward

As you may have heard, K.Michelle is leaving Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. During the season, we assumed she wanted to go because she no longer had any allies in Atlanta, but we were so wrong after it turned out that she made up with all of her former enemies from season one. No, K’s move is a career move. She may be leaving Atlanta, but she’s joining the New York cast of Love And Hip Hop, which will be a whole new dynamic we can’t wait to see. Speaking of her career, you can check out her performance of “VSOP” right here. Truly one of the reunion show’s biggest highlights, this woman can sing.

So tell us, what were your favorite moments from tonight’s show? Share your thoughts in the comments!