Man Candy Month: Take A Seat On Stevie J’s Bus

In the midst of the mayhem known as the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion sits a hopeless romantic who just wants to grow old with his two favorite ladies. Stevie J could be walking a thin line with his Life Partner Gang philosophy, but is he man candy? Most definitely.

NAME: Steven Jordan aka Stevie J

YOU KNOW HIM FROM: Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, and numerous No. 1s from Mariah Carey to Puff Daddy (they don’t call him the “hitman” for nothing).

WHY WE LOVE HIM: Stevie tends to get in trouble with the ladies, but that’s just because he has a huge heart. His love for Mimi runs deep, even if they aren’t together anymore, and his big dreams for Joseline and her career make us want to take a seat on the bus and let him whisper sweet nothings into our ears–as long as we get a new car AND a ring.

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]