Now That’s Not What I Call Music: What Does K.Michelle Really Think Of Her Co-Stars’ Music?

“I wouldn’t call it music.”

Ouch. In this clip from an exclusive interview conducted with K.Michelle, we wanted to know what the feisty songstress thought of some of her Love And Hip Hop Atlanta co-stars’ musical endeavors, and she was 100% honest, as always. While she’s a fan of Stevie J’s work and she has high hopes for Joseline’s career, she most definitely has an opinion on Rasheeda’s rapping. “Just because I patched it up, I’m not gonna lie to her about her music. It’s not good…I don’t play when it comes to music,” she told us. “No. She’s not a good rapper.”

The singer, whose album, Rebellious Soul, is out tomorrow (and can be streamed on through midnight tonight for free!) also gave a track-by-track commentary of the songs on the album, so head over to VH1 Tuner to watch K discuss the influences, both professional and drug-related, on her music, and how Love And Hip Hop Atlanta affected her music career.

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