Basketball Wives Season Five Premiere Sneak Peek: Evelyn Tells Her Side

In this all-new sneak peek from Monday night’s sneak peek of Basketball Wives, we are finally getting Evelyn’s take on the entire situation surrounding her marriage to and divorce from Chad Ochocinco. This season was filmed in the immediate aftermath of their physical altercation and subsequent breakup, and in this clip, she’s an open book, detailing the media scrutiny and even the blame she took for what occurred.

Watch an emotional, honest Evelyn talks about that situation, which happened within days of her brother in law passing away leaving her even more devastated. Ultimately, her mother gives her the best advice of all when she tells Evelyn “Have a voice. Be strong. Speak up, speak the truth. Honesty will always set you free.”

Watch the rest of Evelyn’s story on the season premiere of Basketball Wives this Monday, August 19 at 8PM ET/PT.

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