Very VH1: Momma Dee And Shay Explain Why They Can’t Stand Erica

Momma Dee and Shay Johnson get along famously, probably because they share a common enemy in one Ms. Erica Dixon. In our Very VH1 live chat last Monday night, they were each asked to explain the origin of their feuds with Erica once and for all.

Shay explained that she has no real problem with Erica, but that “if you come for me, I’m gonna give it to you as raw as I can, that’s just how I am. I don’t badmouth her unless she do it first.” Momma Dee on the other hand… Well, she’s also pretty raw. “To go in between a man and his momma because you feel like you had his seed, so you can disrespect his mom,” Momma Dee goes in, “She got another thing goin’.”

For more with these two, be sure to watch the entire Very VH1 episode right here.

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