Celibate Basketball Wives Star Suzie Ketcham Talks About Filming A New Season

So long, pepper grinder! There’s a new, celibate Suzie Ketcham in town.

Suzie has been a presence on Basketball Wives for all five seasons of the show, and at this point, she tells us, she’s a total pro when it comes to filming. In this exclusive interview, she tells us that she’s as surprised as anybody by the popularity of the show, but now that she and her co-stars are seasoned vets, filming is second nature. “Season one, we were just clueless. No idea,” she says. “we would be filming four, five hours at a dinner. I think now we eat less. We’re quick.”

And then there’s the issue of her sex life. Watch the clip as she explains how and why she’s been sex-free for a year(!) and how she hopes to get back on the horse ASAP.

Basketball Wives premieres Monday August 19 at 8PM ET/PT.

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