Very VH1: Momma Dee Reveals That She Caught Scrappy And Shay In An Intimate Situation

Shay has explained her situation with Scrappy plenty of times over the course of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s two seasons. She defends that she was never his side chick, because all the time she spent with Scrappy, he had assured her he was done with Erica.

On this week’s Very VH1 live chat, she defers to Momma Dee, and says “She was around when we were —” and Momma Dee interjects “INTIMATE!” which might just be the most mortifying moment of the broadcast. “Don’t say that!” Shay says, nearly tackling Momma Dee, who continues to spew details of what she saw between Shay and Scrappy. Watch. Laugh. Cringe. It’s a hilarious moment.

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